Boiler Room

A select cast of Boiler Room friends and fam give a unique glimpse at how rave culture has informed the now sound of UK pop.

Boiler Room has been broadcasting intimate live sets from the globe’s most sought-after DJs into dance fans’ homes since 2010. What began as grainy transmissions from the back room of a London warehouse has now grown into an international phenomenon. Critics have championed it as the next evolution in Britain’s rich history of pirate radio, with James Blake, Disclosure and Grimes all having come through its doors en route to stardom. Founder Blaise Bellville says his goal is to keep expanding Boiler Room while staying true to its roots, turning it into “the most comprehensive underground broadcaster in the world.” Their capsule at Revolutions In Sound will be a snapshot of UK rave culture, with unique medley and mini-mixes from some of the most stellar BR alumni and affiliates.