Jive Turkey

DJ Parrot, Winston Hazel and a group of jazz dancers bring back the vibe of the club that helped break black American dance music in the UK.

If you ever experienced a Jive Turkey night in the Sheffield club's mid-80s heyday, there’s a fine chance you’re still wringing the sweat from your clothes today. DJ Parrot and accomplice Winston Hazel were dropping freshly imported Chicago house and rare groove into sets amid booming acid cuts, which came to be known as the ‘northern bleep sound’. In a turbulent time for racial tensions in Britain, this musical marriage united the city’s black and white ravers as a result. Parrot went on to give Warp Records their first release in 1990 (as one half of Sweet Exorcist), and Hazel continued to keep the JT legacy alive as a DJ, remixer and a member of the Forgemasters throughout the nineties and 2000s.