The clubs that has been credited with taking techno to London, brings Richie Hawtin to the EDF Energy London Eye.

Steve Bicknell and Sheree Rashit started Lost in a Camden photographers’ studio all the way back in 1991, spinning imported records from techno hotbeds Chicago and Detroit when few others in the UK did. Primarily based in Southwark from 1994 onwards, but also often holding events in the warehouses of the capital's industrial Docklands region, the night grew to become a true UK dance institution with its guerrilla vibe, distinctive alien logo and ever-stellar line-ups. Jeff Mills, Basic Channel, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater and Derrick May all played at Lost, representing multiple facets of techno music. Now back from a hiatus, Lost will bring no other than M_nus' front man Richie Hawtin to the big wheel.