Fabio and Grooverider laid the foundations for drum ’n’ bass. Now they reunite, with fellow veteran DJ Trevor Fung and Detroit techno trailblazer Derrick May.

By 1990, acid house’s smiley-faced euphoria had faded and clubbers were looking for something harder, faster and darker. Enter Rage, Fabio and Grooverider's weekly at Heaven in Charing Cross. The night started out in Heaven’s upstairs Star Bar, where Fabio and Groove would play a radical blend of US house, early Detroit classics, European rave and shadowy breakbeats. When the club’s original DJs couldn’t turn up to play one week, the pair took over the main room – and were swiftly offered a residency, playing for up to 2,000 ravers on a school night each week until 1994. Rage anthems like 4 Hero’s Mr Kirk’s Nightmare and Lennie De Ice’s We Are I.E. inspired a whole new generation of artists including Goldie, Storm and Kemistry, who used the club as a blueprint for their Metalheadz night.