The Blitz Club

Steve Strange’s Blitz Club defined an entire era of music and fashion. Princess Julia joins in to celebrate behind the decks.

Between 1979 and 1981, fashion took on a life of its own under the disco lights of The Blitz Club. It’s where the New Romantic scene exploded and where a new generation of gender-bending club kids completely ripped up the nightlife rulebook. It may have started life as a Tuesday night in a tacky wine bar, but it became, in the Blitz crew's own words, “the crazed laboratory that reanimated the corpse of British youth culture”. As a reaction against punk, DJs such as Princess Julia, Jeremy Healy and Rusty Egan, spun the synthesized sound of the future and inspired bands like Spandau Ballet and Culture Club – who in return went on to shape an entire decade.